Memory Support

Innovate memory support solutions backed by scientific research

The interior design of a memory support unit plays a significant role in enhancing quality of life for people living with cognitive impairments, such as dementia, and those who care for them.

At B2 Property Solutions we are widely regarded as industry leaders in memory support design and memory support prototype development. We have worked with some of Australia's largest aged care providers to design and deliver the next generation of dementia specific environments.

The positive impacts of evidence-based memory support design

For people living with dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive impairments, the loss of familiar places can be extremely distressing and disorientating.

Our memory care interior design solutions have an overarching objective of achieving the look and feel of a warm, welcoming and familiar private residence coupled with the sophistication of a modern care facility.

Benefits include:

  • Improved social engagement and connection
  • A reductionin resident confusion and agitation
  • Improvednavigation/wayfinding
  • Greater ease and peace of mind for carers/staff and loved ones

Memory support interior design solutions

Some examples of our memory support interior design considerations include:

  • Enriching and meaningful spaces
  • A centrally located kitchen
  • Short hallways and bedrooms clustered around a common living area
  • Wayfinding solutions that provide visual and tactile cues to help residents navigate their way through the unit and reach their destination with minimal to no assistance
  • The recreation of familiar spaces, usually directly related to the environment and demographics of the area
  • The careful specification of colour in line with research-backed science
  • The use of soft, noise-minimising surfaces
  • A generous allocation of artwork in soothing shades to create interest and ambience while avoiding sensory overload
  • Even and consistent lighting
  • Designs that bring the outdoors in

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